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We are two people who are fond of nature, music, science and art and have discovered a common passion: exploring the intricacies of the inner-world and exploring the human experience.

Besides exploring, we love kindness, we love trees, we love to share, we love to travel, and we love chocolate.

We believe that exploring the inner world is not only a way to bring personal fulfilment and growth, but it also serves the collective as a whole. 

ok, let's get serious

Einat dotan

After having a career as a designer, feeling the heavy stress and developing a chronic disease, Einat left everything behind and went on a journey to find answers. Trying many different techniques for healing, yoga and meditation, learning from different masters, retreating into different ashrams and monasteries, to learn more from what appeared to be “a hidden wisdom of life”. She started to experience the magic of inner work and understand how much the emotions are linked to the physical body. For the last few years, Einat has been traveling the world, always in search for new tools, new healing techniques, deepening the inner peace, working on herself intensely and sharing the tools she has encountered with many.

gaspard fougea

Gaspard’s journey started with mathematics. Studying science strengthened the overthinking mind, and with that, the belief that everything could be controlled. An illusion that made him develop incessant headaches and chronic anxiety. At the end of his master at the ENS of Paris, he decided to travel to Asia to learn meditation, where he studied with different masters. For the last 5 years, his life has been dedicated to inner-transformation and to the transmission of the tools that helped him heal his physical and psychological ailments. His healing journey allowed him to discover his vocation – the transmission of the art of exploring consciousness and the scientific study of consciousness.

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