increase productivity and happiness at the work place

Company retreats

reunite your team & learn to deal with stress

In these covid days we offer a zoom call for companies (of any size), to teach simple tools to deal with the immense amount of stress that is surfacing these days.

What does it include?

🟡 Explanations about what is stress, the brain, control and how they dance together.
🟠 A nourishing meditation to boost vitality.
🔵 A few yoga poses that anyone can practice in front of the computer.
🟢 Live practice – learning different techniques to deal with stress on a daily basis.
🟣 Open Q&A

more topics

  • Boosting Creativity 
  • Self Esteem – Dealing with Criticism
  • Concentration and procrastination
  • The unconscious Mind and its Mechanisms

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Our partnership with hOY HOTEL

We’ve specially created a range of themes for small-group gatherings offering a one-day-experience full of connection & learning experiences for your employees.

Your entire team will learn basic meditative tools with dynamic shared experiences of deep relaxation in an intimate setting. At the same time they’ll have access to our curated plant-based menu at MESA restaurant located in the middle of Paris.
These gatherings will give your employees tools to deal with stress & anxiety, therefore helping them increase their productivity, creativity & happiness. 

Hoy Hotel

Facilitated by

Inner Peace Gathering

Einat dotan

gaspard fougea

We believe that success doesn’t have to be attached to the stress and anxiety that most of us experience.

We’re usually not educated to believe that happiness and inner peace can come together with competency and productivity. Together we’ll investigate this possibility by exploring consciousness and its beauty on a journey towards inner peace, clarity and the intelligence that comes when the mind is still.




Experience at MESA

choose your theme for the journey

learning to relax
& become more efficient

Learn different techniques that can help you when your mind feels cloudy and you feel stuck in a project. Deadlines can be very stressful, and sometimes all it takes is to use a few breathing techniques to bring ourselves back to clarity and efficiency.


Learning to observe the movements of the mind allows you to put things into perspective and take things less personally.


Get to experience the tools that will both help you to deal with anxiety when it arises, as well as keep the stress levels low in your everyday life.

Talking about the essence of anxiety & deconstructing it.


A journey towards opening the hidden corners of your mind from which creativity can flow freely. This interactive experience allows the participants to access their own full creative potential.


Stillness is the key of having a clear, focused mind at work. Different grounding and mindfulness exercises
will allow us to increase productivity, efficiency and well-being.


For those who are passionate about the human psyche, get to discover and experience the subtleties & intricacies of what happens in our subconscious along with explanations the different mechanisms, patterns & fears that we all carry within.

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