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What makes a good leader is not only the capacity to make strategic decisions. Leading teams means being involved in a complex and subtle relationship dynamic which requires a great deal of emotional intelligence. Although our education is excellent in teaching us analytical thinking, it lacks teachings on human relationships and emotional intelligence.


"I have experienced significant shifts in how I operate both personally, and professionally."

- Lisa Christensen, Entrepreneur

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To know how to navigate human interactions, one needs to have a deep understanding of human emotions in general. It all starts by understanding your own psychological conditioning. Through self-exploration and other modalities, our program  allows leaders to go deeper inside and find the answers needed to create a healthy and productive work environment in which tensions are diminished and cooperation is maximised. 

Inner-exploration is the way to transition from being a good leader to being an outstanding leader.

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a few POINTS TO keep in mind, as a leader

  • You are the one setting the tone. The way you talk, the way you behave, and also, more importantly, the way you feel affects immensely everybody in your work environment.
  • Our unconscious has an immense role in how people relate and respond to us.
  • There are many personal development methods out there, but rarely do they teach you how to understand and deal with your unconscious.
  • Looking within and knowing yourself enables you to relate to others in a way that will make them feel more empowered, be more productive, and more cooperative.
  • Helping yourself allows you to help others. 
  • Creating space internally will simplify problems that appear unsolvable.
  • Raising your EQ is possible. You just need the right tools.
  • Make people work with you, not against you.
  • In a period of crisis, your calmness and your presence is what can keep your team undisturbed, unified and efficient. 

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