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Your path to a freer you begins with knowing what is hurting you the most

Connect to your unconscious

Release what is blocking you from being the happiest version of yourself. 

Explore energetic work to increase your vitality and let go of the past. 

Get an ongoing support.


Personal guidance

The private sessions are designed for those who are searching for personal insight and support on their unique journey towards freedom and happiness.



energetic work

During our sessions, we facilitate the release of different energetic blockages that are prevent people from being the happiest, fullest and lightest version of themselves. 



a journey inwards

You will be guided to look inside and discover the beauties of the inner-world in a way that is specifically tailored for your own personal needs.

95% of our sessions happen online on a video call, although there are some beautiful moments in which we happen to be in the same place at the same time. Since energy does not obey the same laws of time and space than the physical world, an online session is equally powerful!

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