3 hours on the chakras and the energy body
(Limited spots)

A bit of what we will be doing together:
🟡 A little introduction including explanations about the different energy bodies and how relevant they are to our daily life.
🟠 The chakra system and how it’s intertwined with one’s personality and capacity. Theory & Practice.
🔵 Specific and simple yoga poses that can help you develop, purify and amplify certain chakras.
🟢 What are energetic blockages?
🟣 Meditations to allow prana / chi / life force energy to flow more smoothly in your system.
🟡 Q&A
🟠 Homework and ongoing support for those who would like.

Working as a group can be extremely powerful, as we all share our own individual journeys together. Inquiring into the topics and meditating together allow a group energy to amplify and deepen the effect of the work.The workshop is in an intimate group setting.


If you are interested in participating, or wish to know more about it, simply send us a message here.

The workshop in different timezones:
Central Europe 15:00 🔸 L.A.: 6 am 🔸 NYC: 9 am 🔸 São Paulo: 11:00 🔸 London: 14:00 🔸 Tel Aviv: 16:00 🔸 Delhi: 19:30 🔸 Bangkok: 21:00